Our Life Together

Reading Buddies 1The students and staff together form a loving community in the school, one in which the students of all grades know one another and know all the staff.  The older students fill a natural role as leaders among the children in this community, and they inspire the younger with an example to emulate.  Our Reading Buddies program in which the older students read with the younger students, field trips such as that to the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair for which the Grade 7 and 8 students are paired with the Kindergarten students, or opportunities to be team leaders on fun days such as All Saints Day and the feast of St John Bosco help develop a loving care and familiarity among the children.

cultural fair


The annual Cultural Fair in which the Grade 1 to 4 students share their knowledge of their ancestral cultures with the older students and their own parents; the annual Art Show which showcases the astounding creativity of the students; the plays presented in Drama class, in the Faith In Action classes, and at the Christmas concert; our poetry recitations; occasional Science and Technology fairs  --  the joy of sharing our experiences together builds up the spirit of community within the school.

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