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All Saints Day

Published on Sunday, 11 November 2012

dscf6303copyCostumes, haloes, and wide smiles were abundant at the School’s All Saints Day celebrations on Thursday, November 1st. While there were many students dressed as bishops, nuns, and Jesuit Martyrs, by far the most popular saint of the day was the newly canonized St. Kateri!

 The students and teachers enjoyed a day of joyful festivity with music, hot chocolate, saints games and trivia, a video on the life of St. Francis Xavier, and freshly decorated Saints’ cookies.

This is truly one of the happiest of days at the school, a day when we are immersed in the dynamism of our Church’s liturgical life. And in the midst of all this radiant remembering, prayers to the Saints go up as we celebrate the holiness of real men and women whose Christian heroism gives us hope and inspiration.

And by the way, have you ever seen anything cuter than an enthusiastic group of 4-year-olds in saintly garb, merrily marching about singing “Oh When the Saints Go Marchin’ in”?



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